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tv   Fox Morning News  FOX  February 21, 2013 7:00am-9:00am EST

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back into the mid 20s. still have this breeze out of the north and west. still with us today. still a breeze. that combination will make it feel chilly. expecting highs about 40. 26 in washington. 24 both dulles and bwi marhsall. winds continue to as mentioned north and west here. yesterday about 30. 20 right now the wind gusts in quantico. the windchill factor keeping in the teens and 20s. even with sunshine, it's going to feel cool with those winds. satellite radar, generally sunny day. clouds out there to start your day. should be a dry afternoon. not expecting any presip around here until sometime tomorrow as we watch that storm take shape across portions of the country. here's your forecast for your thursday. breezy conditions. more on the weather
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in just a minute. let's do traffic. julie, good morning. >> constie is where we're starting off this time around. accident activity reported. camera stuck. we can't get it to spin around. police, fire and rescue units on the scene. out of calvert county that's where we have accident activity involving a departmental vehicle. northbound i 95 the crash we had here now cleared. lanes are open, delays are stacked up. dale city headed out towards the capitol beltway. inner loop starting to slow. let's continue with the maps. downtown 295 northbound. accident activity cleared but inbound on the suitland parkway, stalled car tying up the right side of the parkway. that's a check of your fox 5 on time traffic. >> julie, thank you.
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we continue to follow tragic breaking news. two children and one adult dead following a house fire in glenarden, maryland. >> another child remains in critical condition. melanie alnwick is live on the scene. >> reporter: good morning, tony. very difficult day here for neighbors and also for firefighters. folks here tell us the family that lives in this home was the price family. a mother, a father and two little girls and now three members of that family have died. and the others are -- one is fighting for her life a mother and 8 year old girl are also injured but expected to survive those injuries. but still just a really tragic situation here. police and firefighters say they got the call around 4:02 this morning. when we arrived on the scene, still a lot of activity going on.
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they were trying to perform cpr on the people they had taken out of this house and transporting them to the hospitals. it really was a scramble. we are told the mother and an 8 year old which neighbors tell us is one of the little girls were able to jump out of the window. neighbors say the girl was running down the street and knock on the neighbors door for help. and firefighters were performing cpr on and then we were told by chief that an adult male and two children had been pronounced dead maybe about an hour ago and one other that the pulse had been able to be restored on and that child still is in very grave condition fighting for her life. and for neighbors we talked to really the loss here hasn't sunk in yet. >> it's tough.
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our kids play together. my daughters play with their daughters daily everyday. after school, all day on the weekends. it's tough. it's hard. it's a hard hit to the community. >> and again, they say that all the girls here they all play together, they are friends. they go over before school, after school and they really think that's when it's going to hit them when they want to play and realize they simply aren't here for them any longer. the investigation is still continuing. we don't know what started this fire. we do know i asked the chief why did it get out of control. and he said when they get here on scene, they start to battle the flames but then when they have so many patients, they have to get them out and treated. and sometimes that means the fire has to come second.
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a lot of debris to go through and pieces to put together to find out what caused this fire hchlt and everyone still praying that one little girl is going to hold on. back to you guys. >> incredibly sad. melanie, thank you. another big fire had crews busy morning. the karma academy on watts brands parkway around 5:00 in the morning. we know the building was vacant. had been a residential treatment facility for boys but no one has lived there in a few years. the cause is still under investigation. tony. >> allison, back to prince georges county now where police say they are making headway in the investigation into the killings of six students since the beginning of the school year. officers made five arrests yesterday in the murder of charles walker. the 15-year-old was shot monday afternoon as he was trying to runaway during an attempted
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robbery. on tuesday 18-year-olds were standing in a parking lot. walker and kid were freshman at suitland high school. police do not believe those two cases are connected. >> still developing today in south africa, the oscar pistorius bail hearing. a judge could decide if the sprinter will be let out on bail. arrived today for final arguments where it was revealed police made a few mistakes. of the chief detective admitted he did not wear protective covering on his shoes when he was investigating the murder potentially contaminating the crime scene. also admitted claim -- detectives acknowledge they never tested the substances and only called it testosterone in reading the label.
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a lead investigator is facing attempted murder charges. he allegedly fired shots at a mini van taxi. the charges were originally dropped but yesterday reinstated. again, we are awaiting word on whether oscar pistorius will be let out on bail. in the meantime, nike announced it has suspended the contract with the runner. the star is entitled to his due process and the company will monitor the situation closely. back here at home, jesse jackson junior faces up to five years in prison after pleading guilty. the former congressman admitting spending campaign money on personal items. jackson's wife also pleaded guilty at a separate hearing to filing false income tax returns. the couple will be sentenced in june. >> one week from tomorrow, those
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automatic sequestration cuts kick in. 1800,000 workers will face furloughs for one day a week for 22 weeks. experts say government contractors will continue to pay mortgages, car payments and other essential bills. but as they learn to live on less, there will be a trickle down affect on the local economy. >> those affects will be felt in this area disproportionately. it's what happens if it goes on and on or happens over and over again. >> and we don't know. >> we don't know. it's the uncertainty that's making everybody so nervous. >> both the house and the senate are in recess until next week. just over a week to go before $85 billion in spending cuts begin find a way to avoid the cuts. the way virginia pays for
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highway system could change for the first time in 30 years. law makers from both parties and the general assembly have reached a compromise on a transportation reform bill. replace 17.5 cent gasoline tax. also boost sales tax from 5% to 5.3%. and levy a $100 fee on hybrid cars. the deal could come up for a vote in the house and senate by the end of the week. >> happening today, a pair of maryland senate committees could vote to ban assault weapons. both measures have the full support of the governor and both will likely pass the panels. but each bill's fate in the full senate is still uncertain. frederick county residents will have a chance to question the sheriff about the death of a
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man with down syndrome. hosting a community meeting tonight at crestwood middle school. 26-year-old ethan sailor collapsed and died last month after being handcuffed on route 85. investigators say he became loud when he was asked to leave the theater because he didn't pay for a ticket. ruled the death a homicide and listed the cause as affixya tshgsiation. >> the latest on what may have caused the blast just ahead. >> it has been a relatively snow less winter here. other parts of the u.s. are still getting hammered by the snow. a look at the latest mid west storm and how white wonder
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delayed the first round. >> no real snow on the horizon here. but here's a live look outside. lots of sunshine this morning. the latest weather and traffic from tucker and julie coming up next. we'll be right back. back. land o' lakes spreadable butter
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with canola oil is made with sweet cream, canola oil and salt. just three simple ingredients. what's in your spread?
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make being headlines around the nation this morning, no word on what caused a deadly plane crash. happened around 8:00 last night. officials say the small jet was carrying 7 passengers when it ran off the edge of a run way. five people died. two others were hurt. >> kansas city now 6 people remained hospitalized after a gas explosion destroyed a
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restaurant. yesterday they found one body in the rubble. surveillance video caught the blast on camera. a contracting company caused a leak earlier in the day when a backhoe hit a gas line. still don't know what sparked the blast inside the restaurant. i would imagine it was a chain reaction of some sort. >> more winter weather is on the way for parts of the rocky mountains and the midwest. this is video from oklahoma yesterday which got at least four inches of snow. >> denver is blanketed beneath a foot of snow hchlt and more is on the way. >> check this out. officials at the match play world golf championship had to postpone the first round wednesday after a sudden snowstorm. temperatures were in the 40s when play started. hours later, three inches of snow started. where is that? tuscan, arizona.
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>> very rare. desert community. they get about 1/10th of an inch of snow per year. they've had more than we've had. >> that's something. >> i don't care what you believe in, this is whacky weather going on. >> this is the time of year for whacky weather. we're transitioning for spring. >> half an inch normally to three inches. straz strange. >> and we have almost nothing. >> kids ready to get time off. >> those sleds have not been used for quite a while. >> tough years. either feast or famine around here. let's do weather. wintery mix tomorrow afternoon . i think it's going to be on the light side. doesn't look promising for snow lovers. might be a little ice. >> nobody likes the ice. can i be honest with you ? >> not going to find too many ice clubs. >> would rather have snow. >> i think everybody agrees on that.
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this would be tomorrow afternoon. morning commute should be fine. by tomorrow afternoon looks like that light wintery mix. it's cold. 26 in washington. 17 in buffalo. still talking negative numbers there in international falls. minus 8 this morning. let's see, it is 12 degrees in denver where we're expecting more snow hchlt and warmer air to the south. parts of texas in the 60s. satellite radar, we're going to be fine today. still dealing with a breeze. upper 30s to about 40. partly to mostly sunny conditions. tonight we'll cloud up and see storminess. much of that energy is going to be pushed up into great lakes. going to overrun cold air tomorrow. and the pink you see will move in. we could be dealing with snow, sleet, freezing rain transitioning to rain friday early saturday. not a great looking weekend. >> nobody likes ice.
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and nobody likes grapple . i don't even know what it is. >> allison, all you need to do is go to, click on morning hz and click ask tony and tucker. >> let's go to julie wright. she's going to tell us more about what's happening on the roads. >> teamwork right there. tony took it home . >> i like the hair today. >> oh, thank you. >> cute. >> i'm glad. it didn't want to do anything this morning. even the dog went -- >> no, he did not. that's why we love dogs. they love unconditionally. >> d along 270, this is where we have the accident. tying up the second lane from the left. activity still here. southbound 270 on the breaks leaving german town all the way out towards 28. inbound new york avenue as you travel past
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bladensburg road. southbound kennel worth avenue you are below speed out towards the inbound 11th street bridge. the ride in virginia and pop those up for you as well. slow downs to report northbound on i 95. to the springville parkway 30 minute drive headed north with all lanes open. the trip inbound on 66. down to about 40 miles an hour. traffic gridlocked between 50 and 123 at 16 miles an hour. and average speed back up towards 31 miles an hour. slow go from manassas. that's a check of your fox 5 on time traffic. >> pope benedict xvi could change the rules regarding the conclave that will elect his successor. the holy father is studying the possibility of make handwriting changes to two laws by his presented says sore. could affect the timing of the start of the conclave giving
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cardinals living in rome an advantage over other cardinals. >> the conclave could begin earlier meaning we might have a conclave beginning march 10th instead of march 15th. a conclave that begins earlier will favor the cardinals who reside in rome all the time. they already know each other and also have undue influence on cardinals who live outside rome. >> the pope has said he will step down on february 28th. >> are americans trading in big macs and whoppers for food that doesn't require a drive-thru? a new study. >> ana doorable sea otter playing basketball. what you can't see the sport is actually they are putting. >> arts and craft sports. there are a number of possibilities for summer camp.
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winding down to get your kids enrolled. holly is taking us to the summer camp fair for some ideas. we'll be right back. 7:20.
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7:24 now hchlt welcome back. in today's health watch, eye opening new numbers about the rate of type 2 diabetes. as many as 1 in 8 americans suffer from the blood sugar disorder. that makes it one of the most common and fastest growing diseases. genetics, weight and blood pressure contribute but only about one-third new it put them at higher risk for stroke. >> and more mixed news for america's waist line. shows a drop in the percentage of calories consumed from fast-food. >> experts don't know why though. according to the survey, on an average day u.s. adults get 11% of calories from
7:25 am
fast-food. the last time the cdc conducted the survey 13% of daily calories came from fast-food. young adults eat more fast-food and african americans get more of their calories from fast-food from whites or hispanics. can't explain the drop but some people surveyed, may not have been telling the whole truth. >> hasn't there been this drive for people to make better selections at fast-food places. >> only from 13 to 11%. >> it could be or. would you really tell the truth? >> i go once a year. it's now 7:25. getting back to work. congress is in recess . some democrats are demanding they reconvene. congressional corespondent will join us live just ahead. >> are you ready to roll?
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you could be one step closer to grabbing tickets to the white house easter egg roll. the lottery begins today. this is my year. i'm going to get it this year. stay tuned for more details. a live look outside. we'll get the latest weather and traffic from tucker and julie, that's next. [ harry umlaut ] here we go.
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this is going to be good. conan o' brian will host this year's dinner. plenty of a list celebrities attend the dinner. in honor of president's day i won't be getting along with congress. >> that's funny. >> all right. now, let's take a look at first lady michelle obama's new official second term portrait. shows the first lady in the white house green room. wore a two tone dress, pearls and her new bangs. white house photographer snapped the photo on february 12th. >> and easter is almost here. almost time for the annual white house easter egg roll. if you want to celebrate with the first family, today is the day to try
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and get your hands on tickets. the tickets will be contributed through an online lottery. you can sign up through february 25th. winners will be notified march 1st. for a link log on to our web site at and good luck. and good luck to you. >> i'm really going to try again. >> you try every year. >> we really get no preferential treatment. >> i covered it for years. and it was hard . >> do they outgrow? >> i still got the 8 year old. we can push her age down a year or two. >> i don't think there's an age restriction. >> so i can go by myself without any kids? >> that would be odd. >> don't do that. >> thank you. i'm going to try. >> we're going to make it happen. cold temperatures. hard to believe it's
7:31 am
6 weeks away. so cold. wouldn't want to be out there rolling easter eggs this morning. 27 in leonard town. these are actual air temperature temperatures. 25 in culpeper. and good hard freeze overnight. still dealing with these winds. not quite as windy as yesterday. i don't think we'll get there today. 15 to 20 for a good time today. give us windchill temperatures to start your morning. it won't feel much better as our high temperatures will only be in the upper 30s to 40. 18 in washington. 17 in annapolis. 13 in baltimore. close to single digit s. hagerstown feels like 11 for you. winds at last look were out of the north and west at 20. once again, let me emphasize, a very chilly day. temperatures 8 to 10 degrees below normal. a moderate amount of sunshine. nice and dry.
7:32 am
that's a guarantee. later tonight, we'll get clouds and this mess will make its break towards the earn sea board. a little piece of it is going to overrun cold air tomorrow. you see the pink there out towards memphis? that's indicating a wintery mix. looks like we're dealing with that scenario tomorrow. morning commute will be fine tomorrow. the potential by tomorrow afternoon could have a few travel issues. doesn't look like a big storm. temperatures pretty close to freezing. sunshine today. still breezy. 40 daytime high. later tonight plain cold. overnight low with winds out of the north and west to 5 to 10. moves in tomorrow with highs in the upper 30s. transitions for most of us over to rain friday night and early saturday. saturday does not look like a great day. sunday looks a lot better.
7:33 am
sunny with highs about 50. that's weather. let's do traffic and find out what's going on with the roads. julie wright. >> okay, tucker. right now it's busy as expected. southbound 270 the crash we had was tying up the two left lanes. that has moved on but the delays have not. backed up past german town. 395 northbound headed out towards seminary road. leaving the pentagon over the inbound 14th street bridge. let's continue with the maps. pull them up for you. we do have problems to report headed in to downtown. accident activity clean up continues. new crash to report south capitol street. stalled car cleared. again, coming inbound from the west down to 30 miles an hour. the pace remains well below speed at 16 miles an hour. and traffic back up now to 49 miles an hour. a little bit of improvement
7:34 am
leaving vienna. that's a check of your fox 5 on time traffic. >> thank you very much. even though congress is in recess, some law makers have not left washington offices and continuing to press for solutions. some democrats say congress should give up home district break and get back to work. joining us now is ed okeef also writes the congressional blog. >> good to see you. >> you talk to some of these law makers. at least one of them i thought it was funny rob andrews from new jersey you talked to and he didn't want to answer. >> he wouldn't say where he was. there was a democrat in pennsylvania who said i was home and now i'm back here because i'd like to see us get to work on this. >> let me ask you this, most of those calling for congress to come back are democrats.
7:35 am
is this just grandstanding? today is thursday. the soonest they could get back would be this evening. >> it is grandstanding. republicans in the senate have done the same thing. and they all do this when a recess is approaching. why don't we stay here and find a way to create jobs or cut spending and raise taxes. it doesn't matter. it's a traditional thing . this one resonates a little more because as the pentagon said yesterday. 700,000 workers, all the contractors and subcontractors potentially face furloughs because money may get tied up in all this. >> it comes across as being gauling to people who will be impacted by sequestration to have congress people not in the nation's capitol working towards some kind of solution. and not that all of them are on vacation. it is called a home
7:36 am
district break to do business at home. but people seem to be upset about this whole thing. >> they are. they said it yesterday saying why are you here, why aren't you back in washington? and we look at polling that suggests at least -- they are back home. meeting with constituents. attending to their house foreign affairs or foreign relations duties. and there are a few that do take a few days off because in fairness they do deserve a few days. >> those who are here, i know there's some kind of meeting being held today. any real work that can happen towards fievending a solution? >> if there was, we'd know about it and certainly proposals on the table. nobody is bringing forth any of them and getting the ball rolling.
7:37 am
democrats have no way of moving things through at least moving the leverage of power in the house are holding a meeting today but that's mostly windy dressing. they can propose all they want but unless republicans refer to a committee, no chance of getting through. >> the president has gone on the offensive and taking his case to the people to some extent. john boehner has gone on the offensive saying the president proposed and approved this months ago. so he bears some of the blame if not or more than congress. who is scoring the more points there? >> if you look at polling on all of these issues, in the end republicans have been getting the blame. the president knows that. first of all, he got reelected. the nation's on my side because they clearly still want me to be doing my job. republicans got reelected to run the house. the way they see is
7:38 am
the nation is on our side. supported republicans predominantly at least in the house. the way the white house sees it, they are doing what they do best. holding campaign style rallies. having the president speak with local tv stations in areas of the country that would be affected by this. going over the heads of washington and trying to hit americans back home and trying to make the point to them that way while congress squabbles over here and remains unpopular. if they do something, if they don't do something, in the end the white house comes out on top. >> if congress is back monday they've got five business days. what are the odds they'll get something done? >> slim to none. what is more likely at this point, if, unless they come back and decide yes we have to push something. remember that march 27th is coming. that's the end of the current short-term budget agreement which is funding the
7:39 am
government. this is some thinking if you let it stretch to late march and the affects of it start to play out and start to realize oh, gosh this is a big problem for the defense department or nih. as part of that short-term spending agreement, they will latch on a way to fix this and avoid making it happen where that helps potentially is remember furloughs may not begin for 30 days. so you've allowed 27 days to go by and come that following week april 1, nobody would get furlough. that's one hypothetical. but that is another goal post that exists currently they may take advantage of. >> crazy way to run a government. good to see you. thanks for coming in . it is 7:39. more news coming up in just a couple moments.
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hollywood prepares to roll out the red carpet for the 85th annual academy awards, tv's most daring comedian prepares for biggest role yet.
7:43 am
>> seth mcnarland. he is ready to adjust his sense of humor. he hopes to combine the humor of his show with something a bit softer. even though none of his cartoon characters can make an appearance, he knows who he would pick. >> i suppose stewie. i can tell you who is wearing with one eye closed. gives me the advantage. >> he is also nominated for an oscar for his song in his film ted. >> this is cute. a sea otter in oregon is making waves. check out eddie the otter as he goes in for the dunk. he is considered a senior. zoo keepers started training him to shoot hoops as a form of exercise. the exercise routine has worked out well and he
7:44 am
appears to enjoy the workout. >> isn't that interesting. if you think about it, he gets something out of it physically but he likely gets something out of it mentally too. >> got to watch it just one more time. that's so cute. >> very cute. all right. and >> and he's got better moves than me. i'm lucky if i can touch the net. >> he had an advantage too. the net was really low. i bet you could dunk it too. >> from there, maybe. let's do weather. cold start to your day. if you wanted to hit the basketball court outside, make sure you are wearing lots of layers. nice and cold out. 26 in washington. 19 in pittsburgh. 22 chicago this morning. and got some teens. west virginia 13 degrees. let's talk chilly breezy conditions today.
7:45 am
should be plenty of afternoon sunshine. daytime highs about 40. here's the set up for this afternoon and tonight, area of low pressure. going to bring big snow out across central sections of the country. this area of low pressure is going to push itself up into the great lakes by day time hours tomorrow. and as it does so, looks like it's going to throw moisture up. so the dreaded wintery mix. i don't think this is going to be a big storm. in fact, it's relatively moisture starved as it gets into washington. may have enough to cause issues around here in time for evening rush hour. stay tuned to the forecast. by tomorrow afternoon, could have a wintery mix west of city. changes to rain tomorrow night and into early saturday. there's your accu weather 7 day. snow lovers, sorry. showers saturday. bright and sunny and
7:46 am
warmer sunday. highs about 50. >> not bad once you get to sunday. >> let's go to julie and get the latest on our traffic. >> all right, you guys. busy ride around here as expected. outer loop slows here leaving new hampshire avenue through silver spring. southbound 95 headed out to the beltway. and on the bw parkway leaving 197 and 198 headed south. trying to make your way to bladensburg road. traffic is gridlocked leaving father hurricanely boulevard. finally cleared. on 395, lavens are open. below speed from the beltway all the way up. leaving 123 headed out towards the key bridge. no problems to report on the inner loop but traffic slow leaving 236 to gallos road. that's a check of your fox 5 on time
7:47 am
traffic. >> still ahead, sending your kids to summer camp. >> holly morris is live show casing some of the options. good morning. >> reporter: good morning to you. this is the time of year i wish i was a kid again. there are so many options in our area when it comes to summer camp. now is the time to sign up. how do you sort them all out? come to the dulles town center where they are gearing up for 14th annual summer fun expo. we're going to check out some of the options live next on fox 5 morning news. stay with us.  today is gonna be an important day for us. you ready? we wanna be our brother's keeper. what's number two we wanna do? bring it up to 90 decatherms. how bout ya, joe? let's go ahead and bring it online.
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our facebook fan of the day is a mom to be today. her name is day davis. i love that name. okay. here's the story. day is in the hospital awaiting the birth of her son and at last check, she was still tuning in
7:51 am
to fox 5 morning news. i don't know what she's doing now but if you are congratulations to both of you today and to your whole family. that is a fan who is going to have the tv on awaiting the birth of their son. the best of luck to you today. for your chance to be tomorrow's fan of the day like our facebook page and post a comment below day's picture. i love that name. >> good luck to you. that's great. it is that time of year already. parents are planning out the best ways kids can make the most of summer break. if you are looking for unique options, you are in luck. >> northern virginia's 2013 camp and summer fun expo. holly morris has more from dulles town center. the options are endless. >> reporter: they are endless. i like hearing the word summer fun. they just go hand in hand. we're all dreaming of it. now is the time to plan. so now is the time we say thank you
7:52 am
washington parent magazine for putting on this expo. jackie julie is the manager. good morning to you. >> good morning and thank you, holly, for coming out and helping us get the word out about the event. washington parent magazine and dulles town center will be hosting the northern virginia cam limited partner and summer fun expo. it's all here this weekend inside. so you can stay away from the cold. it's saturday from 10 to 4 and sunday from 11 to 4. >> one of the great things about living in our area is we have so many wonderful options. one of the bad things about living in our area is we have so many wonderful options. thsz a way to see what's out there. hard to even know. >> absolutely. we'll have this weekend over 85 exhibitors from sleep away camps to specialty camps. scuba and swimming. anything your child might be interested in, you can come and find a program for your child
7:53 am
this weekend. >> how often do you get to come out and hang out with a larger than life dog. i love it. a lot of good energy this morning. we're going to talk more specifically about some of the options you may not be aware of. we're going to start with rebecca and dave. they are from camp alien astage which is in dc. everyone can realize all the camps show cased here aren't just in northern virginia. >> we're located in georgetown. at camp arena stage , everybody is an artist and campers get to choose their own schedules in theater, music and visual arts and dance and writing. it's such a long list. kids have so many options. you can do costume design. you can do music video. stop motion, animation. improve, stage combat, hip hop dance. dave is one of our instructors and he
7:54 am
attached junk percussion. >> nothing is more fun than making a set of drums out of a bunch of junk. what do you got for us? >> a quick demo. start off with one of my favorite activities. drummers go crazy. and then we play rhythms like this. >> nice. do you learn how to twirl the stick too? >> throw the stick up and catch it. >> is there an adult arena stage camp? thank you both. i am going to head on over here now. i have donna and lisa with the wholeness camps. good morning to you. >> thank you. >> tell me about wholesome camps. >> wholesome camp is everything under one roof. we offer jump rope classes, dance, yoga,
7:55 am
cooking classes and teaching kids how to eat healthy. and lisa is our program director and she's going to talk about the jump rope program there. >> jump rope is unique to wholeness campus. gives kids endurance. provides agility, strength and fun. it's exercise in most fun form. >> it's a week long camp? >> the camp is a week long in august. we have a weekend workshop. five time national champion and help us run camp. how do you make it different? >> we do make it different. start out by teaching the kids proper form. it is very important you have the proper form. we introduce games, long roaches. it's a lot of fun.
7:56 am
>> and then they are tired. parents say sign them up now. do you your camp s fill up? >> yes, they do. sign up. >> that's what you need to know. the jump rope camp is in august. is our web site. we have a link to washington parent. summer fun and camp expo is going on this saturday and sunday right here at the dulles town center. and in the next hour, we're going to find out more camp options. back to you in the studio. >> so many camps. all right. good. he is known as the father of black history. now as we continue to celebrate black history month, we're getting to know more about carter g woodson. >> the executive director of the association will join us live to talk about woodson's impact. >> tragedy out of prince georges county. two children and one adult are dead. the
7:57 am
latest on a devastating house fire in a live report coming up. 7:56. 7:56. 
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7:59 am
8:00 am
this is fox 5 morning news. >> a tragic morning in prince georges county. three people are dead including two children. after their homophils with flames and smoke, we'll have a live update from the scene. >> a bizarre turn of events in the oscar pistorius case. today the lead detective involved in the investigation is making headlines for major criminal charges he is facing himself. what he's accused of and why it could be a blow to prosecutors. >> and a deal to help pay for road and rail projects in virginia. are you willing to pay less at the pump but more in the store to cut the gridlock that plagues our area? we'll breakdown the plan coming up. good morning i'm tony perkins. >> and i'm allison seymour. happy you are with us on this thursday morning. >> let's turn our attention to tucker barnes who is keeping track as far as the weather goes. >> more cold weather. i stepped outside. beautiful. lots of sunshine. don't
8:01 am
be fooled. still cold out there. temperatures still in the 20s dealing with a bit of a breeze today north and west. windchill values in the teens and 20s. >> pretty cold. >> warming up to 40 this afternoon. let's go right to the maps. the sun is getting higher in the sky. if you are in the sun, it feels warmer. >> i have noticed that too. >> 28 in washington. 26 out at dulles and bwi. high temperatures upper 30s to 40 this afternoon. and we're still dealing with winds. yesterday winds 30 plus miles per hour today. more than 15 to 20. still getting gusts about 20 to 25. most recent wind gusts 18 in washington, 24 out in martinsburg. satellite radar, generally sunny day. not going to be perfectly sunny. and dry. not expecting any issues around here this afternoon. high pressure keeps us nice and dry. that wintery mix back in the
8:02 am
forecast for tomorrow. >> thank you. >> let's check in with julie for a look at on time traffic. >> a lot of folks still stuck here on 395 as they travel from the capitol beltway up and across the 14th street bridge. gw parkway from 123 out towards the key bridge. inner loop in virginia below speed out towards gallos road. outer loop traffic remains slow leaving i 95. 95 is backed up from 212 out towards the beltway. slow traffic on the bw parkway and leaving greenbelt road. inbound new york avenue, traffic delays out towards the exit for the third street tunnel. in southeast south capitol street. also the wreck has been reported after beach drive.
8:03 am
no issues to report coming out of german town. southbound 270 still on the breaks headed for the split. that's a check of your fox 5 on time traffic. >> thanks, julie. we continue to follow breaking news this hour in prince georges county. three people are dead following an early morning house fire. >> two of them are children. and a third child remains in critical condition. melanie alnwick has been at the scene all morning long and joins us live with the latest. melanie, this is a tragic situation. >> reporter: it is really just heart breaking here, tony. when you get a closer look at the house here now that the sun has come up , you can see how hot and unrelenting this fire was. you can see where the flames were shooting out and literally from the front of the house all the way to the back of the house. every part of that first floor is charred and damage.
8:04 am
neighbors are waking up to the sad news. many of the children on this street all play together hchlt and now some of their friends are gone. the fire started while the family slept. rescue crews and emts rushed to save the family in the dark, in the cold and the smoke. a full rescue task force on hand to try to simultaneously treat all of the patients. one of the survivors being carried in a blanket. the call came in around 4:00 a.m. one of the children ran down the street to call for help. a mother and 8 year old child were able to get out of a window. four on family members were not breathing when they were pulled from their rooms. paramedics began cpr and rushed them to the hospital. here on the scene, on the firefighter's faces that the situation was not good. within an hour the news that no one wanted to hear. three of the patients, the man and two children did not survive.
8:05 am
>> the firefighters train for this kind of situation. they called for ems task force which brings a group of ambulances and tire task force. they had a lot of activity going on and a lot of firefighters here early. when you are doing cpr on 6 patients and trying to put a fire out, it's a pretty difficult situation. >> reporter: neighbors tell us the name is price. a mother, a father, and four little girls all under the age of 10. at last word which was maybe about an hour or so. the mother and 8 year old have nonlife threatening injuries. and the one who did among the 4 who had the cpr, the one other child the pulse was able to be restored. that child at the hospital in critical condition still fighting for her life. back to you. >> melanie, thank you. >> there is better news to report from montgomery county.
8:06 am
no injuries from a large fire there. a building on watts branch parkway went up in flames right around 5:00 this morning. thankfully the building was vacant. no one has lived there since 2010. no word on what caused the fire. investigators don't think it was electrical. there was no power to the building. >> now to a fox 5 follow up. police say they are getting closer to making more arrests in connection to the six students killed in prince georges county since the beginning of the school year. officers made five arrests yesterday in the murder of charles walker. the 15-year-old was shot monday afternoon in hill crest heights as he was trying to runaway. on tuesday night 18-year-olds were gunned down while standing in a parking lot. walker and kid were both freshman. but the two
8:07 am
cases are not considered to be connected. >> residents in frederick county will have a chance to grill the sheriff about the death of a man with down syndrome. he died last month after being handcuffed at the west view on route 85. he became loud and baligerant. the state medical examiner ruled the death a homicide and listed the cause as asfixiation. . >> developing in south africa today, a bomb shell dropped right before final arguments in the oscar pistorius bail hearing. it was revealed the lead investigator in the case is himself facing 7 counts of attempted murder. south africa's prosecuting authority admits the timing is strange and urging the investigator be dropped from the case.
8:08 am
the olympic champ arrived early for the third day of his bail hearing. he faces charges of premeditated murder in the shooting death of his girlfriend reeva steenkamp. in court it was revealed police didn't handle the crime scene properly and not sure a substance found in his bedroom is testosterone as they claimed yesterday. this morning nike announced it is suspending its contract with oscar pistorius. >> jesse jackson junior faces down five years in prison after pleading guilty to federal corruption charges. admitted to spending campaign money on personal items during a plea hearing yesterday. he waved his right to a trial because he had no interest in wasting taxpayers time or money. his wife also pleaded guilty to filing false income tax returns. the couple will be sentenced in june. >> a judicial committee could decide today whether to pass a
8:09 am
bill to appeal the death penalty. the death penalty is too costly and ineffective. his first effort failed in 2009. >> and in virginia, victory for transportation funding reform could come this week. law makers come up with a compromise and waiting for a vote. if the measure passes, first major transportation overhaul since 1996. cutting the gas tax to 3.5%. raising the state's sales tax by less than half a %. and $200 million sales taxes toward funding. >> still ahead, he started it all when it comes to african american history. many don't know about the life and legacy of dr. carter g woodson. the association for the study of
8:10 am
african american history will share his story. >> american idol contestants sang their hearts out. our idol chatter panel will join us live to discuss last night's cuts.  ♪ that aroma calls to you
8:11 am
♪ time to jump in to something new ♪
8:12 am
♪ ♪ the best part of wakin' up ♪ is folgers in your cup
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8:13. >> yes, it is. let's head over to tucker barnes. he's got the forecast and the cuteness factor of the day. >> cuteness it is. maybe a little warmup factor. temperatures in the 20 s this morning. very cold out there. time now for my first 5 photo hft day. >> wearing cowboy boots? >> those aren't ordinary boots. >> she's wonder woman. >> this is emma. she's two months old . she likes to pretend to be wonder baby. >> oh, wonder baby. i love it. >> so cute. >> she's adorable.
8:14 am
>> you know what, that's like setting her up for just like bound less limitless prospects in her future. the parents are saying you are a wonder baby. you can do anything. >> all the babies we show are cute. look at the joy in her face. >> adorable. she loves. >> her parents said that she always is laughing. >> so cute. >> she's a happy wonder baby. >> she's going to rule the whole world. the president of the united states of america. >> that means her mom is wonder woman. >> maybe mom can send in a picture of her in her wonder woman outfit. >> to send us your child's picture go to and click on mornings. thank you emma. keep us posted if you do indeed become wonder woman, we want to be the first to have mentioned it. let's do temperatures. wintery mix a possibility
8:15 am
tomorrow. tomorrow afternoon. the morning commute tomorrow will be fine. by tomorrow afternoon, a bit of snow and sleet. 28 in washington. it's cold. not just here in the midatlantic. much of the country here experiencing cold temperatures. chicago 23. international falls minus 8 . denver 12 degrees this morning. reno out toward lake tahoe, 32. san diego is in the 40s. lots of cold temperatures on the map. player in the forecast tomorrow. we've been mentioning the snow out to the west. much of the storminess is going to pushup into the great lakes. and a piece of it is going to move into the midatlantic tomorrow. today sunshine. high temperatures 40. clouds in here tonight. and tomorrow, late morning, early afternoon we'll start to see that wintery mix move back in. doesn't look like the bulk of the energy moves into the midatlantic. probably be a light wintery event for us
8:16 am
tomorrow afternoon and change to rain tomorrow night. there's your accu weather 7 day forecast. tomorrow and saturday don't look great. saturday daytime high only about 40. sunny and bright highs about 50. all right. that's a look at weather. from one wonder woman to another. let's do traffic with julie wright. >> i need an lasso. >> you need that bracelet. that would be cool . >> all right. headed for the wilson bridge. delays creeping up on us headed for the bridge with lanes open. let's continue with our next camera and show you what else is happening out here. from the south to the north bogged down with delays over towards georgia avenue. southbound 270 better than expected. went through the cameras. looked at 28. you are at speed headed out towards the split. southbound 95 tied up from 212.
8:17 am
eastbound 66 traffic below speed through centerville. leaving fair oaks to 123. there is a portion that's mabel avenue. due to a crash with only one lane able to squeeze through. pentagon crossing over the inbound 14th street bridge. that's a check of your fox 5 on time traffic. >> hello. where are we? it was a twist for american idol last night as the first group of females gathered in sin city for a southern death round. we'll do it all again next week. our chatter panel is back with us to discuss if it was a good decision. so you know the panel but let's do the formalities. mix 107.3's jack diamond. hi, jack. >> good to see you. >> the kiddy of the city.
8:18 am
jeannie jones. i got to work on that. i came in too low. this different. >> they are exciting. >> they are mixing it up. >> hard to see five people go home. >> it was. >> there was talent there that went home. i will say this, maybe this year we have a carrie. maybe we have a kelly. we'll see if we have a daughtry tonight and if we have a constantine. there's good talent. >> four out of my five selections made it through. >> what do you think about the way they did it? >> i think it's great. you see the individual talent. they can interact with the band. and gives you a highlight once they develop what you'll be able to see. >> made a big difference. absolutely sane with the energy
8:19 am
and the crowd. if you've ever auditioned for anything and just the judges, there is no colder experience. >> production quality as well. >> it was nice. and i like the intimacy of where they are. this girl is putting anchorage, alaska on the map. this is adriana from alaska. >> ♪. >> some people are born with it. no reason this girl would have all of this. >> keith urban was tongue-tied. she seduced the audience. and much love to all my filipino kitties out of there. she was one of my top picks. >> she was really cute. >> the smile, the voice, i mean, the look.
8:20 am
meow. >> jack, meow. >> in a nut shell, she transcended the stage. she touched the judges. meow. >> three meows. i love that. this girl, it's funny . sometime you are a victim of your own success. angela came out and the judges kept referring to that. but let's check out angela quickly becoming a favorite. >> ♪ i promise i'm going to try ♪ . >> i liked it. i didn't see when she was at the keyboard. i have to go back and look. but standing alone i thought they made a good choice. >> here's your kelli. she definitely has the talent. she has the energy . she as well, she's taking ownership of the stage. she knows where the camera is. and now you've added the audience.
8:21 am
look at mariah's face. >> when i lip sink i do all those moves as well. >> you are ready for inauguration. >> oh, okay. >> we know she can sing. >> it's all good. >> she's awesome. original nationality and the fact you have the guts to do your own thing and sing it. >> she is going to be paid. incredible song writing skills . song writing, publishing is the power. she's good. >> she could be the new kelly. >> i really love this girl. this is amber and she did a my funny valentine rendition. >> ♪ you make me smile ♪ . >> and she looks beautiful. she's even prettier without the make up. she's a natural beauty. and her voice is different. jazzy, smoky. >> i saw her in a room.
8:22 am
jazz. she will absolutely slaughter broadway or whatever. >> look at those dimples. >> and the way she executed that song. >> wouldn't be bad to be jennifer hudson. not be bad to follow in those footsteps. going to be appearing and performing somewhere. it's not the only place. constantine is making a very good living and hasn't sold a record. >> what about the commercial appeal? >> number one, commercial appeal and i'm glad you mention that. i would say record sales, that's why i'm not in the wine business and the other things i'm doing diversifying. diversified their brand. she has a brand and there's time for it. it's time for another diva young together just savvy sophisticated and can sing. you can do it for the rest of your life. >> there you go.
8:23 am
that's true. okay. you mentioned another carrie. >> i think so. >> ♪ over the clouds ♪ . >> she reminded me of another artist. seeing her there standing there belting it out. such control. i really like this lady. >> she has conservativeness like norah jones but something so sultry. and nikki let her know. i thought she was trying to take her home. >> she was really good. >> she's been outstanding. this girl has talent . i agree. i like her more laid back vibe. a little norah jones thing. you need people who master the stage. and those who bring it down to a personal one on one heart level. there's room in the competition for all styles this year. it's exciting. >> she reminds me from one of the women from heart. >> i'm looking forward to seeing the different formats
8:24 am
that they have with the sudden death round. to say like if she has to sing mowtown. >> did you hear she said her mom was listening to whomever. but her dad was listening -- >> all i'm saying is whether or not she's going to have to do that and sing otis space red redding. >> let's see the last girl tina. i thought nikki was on with this. her hair was masking who she was. she has a good voice and younger person. but here she is. >> ♪ . >> can i also say we have a minute left. i didn't get this song. but the judges did. i was like can i hear? >> that was the one i did not select. i don't think she's going to survive. i see a little unevenness in her.
8:25 am
and her confidence level. this is a very intense competition. and i don't see her making it. >> too early. >> her performance we're watching it in compressed time. she's not as good. but what happens between this week and next week, that will be interesting to see. for kelly fans, tomorrow morning at 8:30 on the jack diamond morning show clyve davis, we will have him about the kelly comments. >> do you have any final things to say? we have a picture to get to. what do you think about this last girl, tina? >> twilight zone. the thing about it is put the emotion into your performance. i love balance. we've seen that from a couple people. you are almost over the edge and some of them were over the edge.
8:26 am
it turns you off. and nikki by the way, yet again is i'm turning into a fan. >> me too. >> what do you have? show us your picture. >> let me tell you something, i am now the official american idol protector. this was the idol contestant last week from gaithersburg, dmv represent, who got kicked off. and look, i said right here i said call me. we met in the city and now i'm her music mentor. great student. i said welcome to the industry baby. >> and i meant no disrespect when i said i thought you were going home. you have a great person by your side. >> jeannie, jack, marcus good-bye. we're going to do this all again. the guys are going to do this same thing
8:27 am
sudden death. >> you know we will. >> all right. back over to you, tony. i think or we'll be right back. okay, i need a better pizza.
8:28 am
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freschetta. made better to taste better.
8:30 am
here's a live look outside. not a bad looking day. >> yeah, it's great in the sun. i noticed on one of the sunnier hillsides daffodils coming up. >> there was a couple bugs flying around. doesn't take much for them to breakout. hey it's warm. >> is that what they say? >> yeah, if you listen closely. >> it really happens. all right. hey, it's cold out there this morning. if you encounter your bugs talking, let us know later. >> 30 degrees. >> it's only 28. that's with the bright sunshine out there. cold started to. good hard freeze overnight. most of the area into the low to mid 20s. 25 in gaithersburg. 28 in culpeper. even south of town, well entrenched in the 20s.
8:31 am
not as blustery or wivendy as yesterday. still going to feel cold. 18 in washington. 14 out in winchester . 12 in gaithersburg. you get the idea. make sure you're properly dressed here for another cold day. highs will only get up to about 40. tonight looks just fine. plenty of sunshine expected. not going to see much other than the breezes. clouds moving through. clouds move in tonight and mess is going to head in our direction. much of this energy pushed up in the great lakes. a big snow event. see the pink, that's that wintery mix we don't like around here. looks like with a wedge of cool air in place as this moves up and over, could be dealing with a wintery mix around here. and then it will likely transition over to rain showers late friday and early saturday. that's our next chance for any winter presip.
8:32 am
there's your accu weather 7 day. breezy conditions. your morning commute will be fine. tomorrow afternoon could be a few issues. any time you are talking wintery mix, keep an eye on it. saturday doesn't look great. 40 with rain showers. okay. that's weather. allison and tony back to you at the desk. >> thank you very much. a big story we're following this morning, a car bomb exploded today in central demascus killing more than 30 people. near the headquarters of the russian embassy. today's bomb follows two mortar attacks. serious conflict began in march 2011 with political protest. it has since evolved into a civil war. automatic sequestration cuts kick in and could have a devastating affect on the dc
8:33 am
region. >> 800,000 workers will face furloughs for one day a week for 22 weeks. government contractors will continue to pay their mortgage, car payments and other essential bills. but as they learn to live on less, there will be a trickle down affect on the local economy. >> would be felt in this area because we have so many military bases, contractors. it's what happens if it goes on and on. or happens over and over again. >> and we don't know. >> we don't know. it's the uncertainty that's making everybody so nervous. >> well, the house and the senate are in recess. over a week to go before $85 billion in spending cuts start, there's a call to reconvene immediately and find a way to avoid the cuts. haven't talked about impact. 70,000 children may be cut from head start programs if
8:34 am
the sequester goes through. we're looking at what you need to know coming up in the 9:00 hour. 8:33 right now. coming up next, could it be you? a winning lottery ticket is traced back to a maryland store. we have the numbers next. >> rolling out the red carpet or a green carpet. how the oscars are becoming eco friendly. back right after this. 8:34. [ woman ] my boyfriend and i were going on vacation, so i used my citi thankyou card to pick up some accessories. a new belt. some nylons. and what girl wouldn't need new shoes? and with all the points i've been earning, i was able to get us a flight to our favorite climbing spot, even on a holiday weekend. ♪ things are definitely... looking up.
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the question i ponder all the time. what would i do with it? somebody out there might be waking up with more than a million dollars this morning. a megamillions lottery ticket worth $26 million was sold at a gas station in maryland. tuesday night's winning numbers are 1, 15, 19, 30 and 56.
8:38 am
the megaball number is 28. that winning ticket was bought right there at the shell station on lakeview drive in mount earie. good luck to you. >> isn't it exciting when it's in an area we know? >> no, i don't like it. maybe i could have been there and bought it. >> i'm happy for you person. remember it was me , not allison who is happy for you. >> the district could be in the running to host the summer olympics in 2024. mayor vincent gray said he received a letter to gauge his interest. 33 on american cities received similar letters including baltimore. mayor gray says he would have to weigh the benefits for the city. hasn't hosted since 1996. >> the academy awards are this sunday. preparations well underway in hollywood. started the long process of laying out
8:39 am
the 40,000 square feet of regal rug. it is 100% recyclable. after the oscars, it will be sent to a warehouse and cleaned up for next year. it's more of a green carpet if you will. >> coming up, the executive director for the study of african american life will join us to discuss the man who started recording stories for generations to come. >> deciding on a summer camp. holly morris will join us live with some of the best options out there. 8:39. it's 28 degrees. we'll be right back.
8:40 am
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♪ i got it made, i got it made ♪ i got it made ♪ fresh at subway ♪ breakfast made the way i say [ male announcer ] at subway, you got breakfast made. like an under 200 calorie steak egg white & cheese. subway. eat fresh.  you welcome back. as part of celebrating black history month we continue to honor african americans who have changed the world. not only help preserve black history but one of the first scholars to study and known as the father of black history. we're learning more about his legacy from sylvia who is the executive director. good morning. >> thank you so much. >> you were showing me a little
8:43 am
bit of memorabilia here if you will. we can hold it up. not going to be able to read it. but tell us what this is. >> the presidential proclamation declaring black history month. ever since 1976 when this association went to the world and said to expand that celebration, that the president has said it is fit for this country to recognize the contributions of african americans. here is that proclamation. >> and every president since 1976. >> and we're going to talk about dr. woodson. but in the scheme of things to have this signed by the first african american president, that's extraordinary. >> it is very extraordinary. we're quite proud. this association has done a lot to publish more information about the historic election and
8:44 am
re-election of the first african american president. >> there are some the name carter g wood son, we're very familiar with it. but may be younger people who don't know much about him and his story. tell us about that. >> dr. woodson was a phenomenal person. his parents had been enslaved. his father was one of the u.s. color troops who fought in the civil war. he went on from very meger beginnings to start his formal education. he went on to become the second african american to receive a phd and through that time just began the research and study of our history and as you have said now the father of black history is how he's remembered. >> tell me about the work of your organization and how you are continuing and furthering that work. >> dr. woodson started the association for the study of negro history which is now the
8:45 am
association. his mission was to research publish and disseminate information about african american history. he did a lot of work right here in washington d.c. created publications for teachers so they could teach it in schools to elementary students and others. many of the teachers in segregated schools could not get the official curriculum to include black history. they used to hold the publications on their laps so they could teach it. our association continues that work. we nurture the work of african american history through historian wills and individuals spreading the word about black history hchlt and doing that to 98 years. >> that's great. related to that you have events you do every year. there's a luncheon that's being held. give us the details. >> this saturday at the marriott hotel.
8:46 am
we'll have 87th annual black history month luncheon. dr. marry francis barry is our speaker. she's going to do a great job. and we have tickets available. go to our web site at or 202-238-5910. wonderful event. we'll have an author 's book signing that will happen before the luncheon. 30 authors who have written books and talking about their books and interacting with the audience. it's a great afternoon. and if you are interested in coming, we have a few tickets left. >> for the book signing, are there tickets available? no fee for that. >> the book sign something free. come over to the park and those 30 authors will be out there with very interesting books you can buy and sign them for you. >> that occurs before the
8:47 am
luncheon. information on our web site at thank you very much for coming in. very good to talk to you. >> we'll see you again. >> back to you. >> 846 time tile right now. it may be cold outside. but we have summer on the mind. holly morris is live sifting through the best summer camps for kids this morning. good morning. >> reporter: the options are endless. how to make a scary movie. how to build a model rocket. how to do brazilian martial arts. those are just some of the options. we are live at the dulles town center where they are gearing up for 14th annual summer fun and camp expo. coming up, we'll tell you how you can indeed make the most of it. it's all live next on fox 5 morning news. stay with us. dinner's ready.
8:48 am
8:49 am
[ female announcer ] hamburger helper stroganoff. beefy. creamy. stroganoffy. helpers. forty dishes, all delicious. i just finished a bowl of your light chicken pot pie soup and it was so rich and creamy... is it really 100 calories?
8:50 am
let me put you on webcan... lean roasted chicken... and a creamy broth mmm i can still see you. [ male announcer ] progresso. you gotta taste this soup. some of you might remember summer camp for a place to learn arts and crafts or sports. but with the wide range of activities, how do you pick the best camp for your kids now? >> we're checking out northern
8:51 am
virginia's 2013 camp and summer fun expo. this is so desperately needed. where do you start with this? the time to start is now. >> reporter: we can agree on that. it is a great question when you are thinking about what is the best camp. do i put them in something to introduce them to something new? there is a summer camp for everything out there. and that is why it is such a good idea for washington parent to have some expo. janette is the associate editor of the magazine. she joins me. we know all the traditional camps. but there's these new trends. what are the options people don't realize? >> sure. traditional camps are always in style. a ton of new offerings. this year you are going to see all those classes mom and dad are doing. zumba, pilates, cross fit, yoga. kids picking up on at age appropriate
8:52 am
level. dc is a big food city. a ton of cooking camps. way beyond what you learn in home ec. anything you can imagine in terms of food. cup cake wars is another big one. >> my question is do you put your kid in something they already like or do you introduce them to something new? >> well, i think that's the beauty of summer camp. great opportunity to try something new or develop a life long passion. talk to your kids about what they want to do. you want this to be enjoyable. >> and have them learn in the process without them knowing it. we want to give an overview. one of the people leading the way is the new school. john potter is the director of the new school. he joins me. good morning. >> good morning. >> tell me about your summer camp. >> what we try to do is offer new things that pulls kids into new ideas.
8:53 am
we've got scary movie over here which gets kids into make up and computer use with various program. the rocketry gets them going. variety of how things can go wrong. >> all of this is summer camp is good. >> yes, absolutely. and kids find the entry topics very exciting. gets them into it. >> and then they flourish. >> let me check in with shannon. what do people learn in scary movie camp? >> how to do theater make up. they make their own story line. they learn on professional software how to edit. they can make their own sound affects. everything they need to do they make there. photoshop to make their movie posters. >> that is awesome. next stop the oscar s. here is billy. he is doing rocket
8:54 am
ry camp. >> that's right. the kids really love it. we started doing rocket ry. the kids came to me and said we want to do rocketry. basically the types of projects we do are all about trying to get kids to meet specific requirements. so if i say build a rocket that goes 100 feet in the air, then they get to design their own rocket based on how that works. we use simulation software and they get to be creative. >> and using their brain. if you want them to use their body, sign them up for this camp. the owner of northern virginia. good morning to you. what kind of kid is good? >> any kid is good. it's a brazilian marshal art. different from other martial arts. dance, music and acrobatics. we don't train to fight on the streets.
8:55 am
we train to play a game. >> and what do you think the kids get out of your camp? >> they will get an area capoeira instruction. they will get a portuguese class. >> it really is wholistic. >> i know it's a lot. and really this is the tip of the iceberg. the best thing to do is come to the dulles town center this saturday or sunday for the washington parent magazine summer fun and camp expo. ask all your questions. how the days run , what the cost are, when they are, how long they are. and you'll get a summer well planned. more coming up in our next hour. you are watching fox 5 morning news. stay with us. a lot more after the break. break.
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this is fox 5 morning news. >> right now at 9:00, tragedy in glenarden, maryland. a house fire kills three people including two children. we're learning new details about the investigation. our melanie alnwick has a live update from the scene. >> day three for oscar pistorius who is awaiting a decision on bail. meantime, the tables have turned on one of the detectives in the case. why he's now being questioned in another criminal case. >> also, looming spending cuts could affect thousands including young children who will no longer have access to prek programs. an expert will join us live with information every parent needs to know. >> later this hour, comedian john


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